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About Us

This is Mr. Parker,

He is a computer scientist with over 20 years of experience in web programming and computer hardware. Now, he is working for a local church doing sound, multimedia, and IT as the only staff in the departments, as well as being a care partner for a church member with the final stages of Dementia.

He enjoys a challenge and this site will highlight some of his favorite projects as well as some of the other Parker family projects and companies.

This is Mrs. Parker,

She loves sound, and all things related to theater. She has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of theater from front of house to back of house. At this time she works for a city theater backstage as a stage hand while also taking contract work designing and running sound for live musicals.

This is the youngest Parker.

He is a student in high school and enjoys time with friends, puppetry, video games, and all things mid-evil times related. He is a proficient puppeteer at the church where Mr. Parker works with more that 6 year experience in all aspects of puppet mastering, he has written many skits and plays as well as leads many new youth to enjoy puppets.

If he had his way he would have a job being a person that walks around in a suit of armor and entertains the masses anywhere he is. For now he will have to settle with puppets and school work.